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Cold local heating in Wüstenrot supplies 25 residential buildings with heat and electricity

In the “Cold Local Heating” project in Wüstenrot, 25 individual residential buildings with large PV systems are supplied via a cold heating network. The low-temperature heat or energy for the heat pumps in the residential buildings is obtained from a surface collector at a depth of two meters on agriculturally used land and distributed via the “cold local heating network”. A special highlight is the possibility of direct cooling of the buildings in summer. The PV systems and electricity storage ensure a high proportion of own electricity.



  • Heat pump control
  • Monitoring of heat and power supply
  • Smart grid connection


  • 25 residential buildings are heated and cooled with cold local heat.
  • High share of own electricity through PV systems and electricity storage.
Foto: Wüstenrot


enisyst records all heat and power flows of the system by means of intensive monitoring. In addition, we take over the control of the heat pumps in six residential buildings. For another seven residential buildings, enisyst takes over the monitoring of the heat and power supply and ensures the connection to the smart grid for the heat pumps. For more information, please contact our research project Sim4Blocks.