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Intelligent heating control for residential buildings and local authorities

Control heating systems without installation effort. Saving electricity costs and CO2. What matters: intelligent software.


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Active heating and cooling control


Sector coupling


Operational management

The intelligent system and heating control from enisyst is ideal for retrofitting to existing systems. Consumption can be noticeably reduced without any installation effort and without any loss of comfort for the residents. In older systems, energy savings of up to 30 % can be achieved.

How does the enisyst heating control system work?



Our controller’s sensors are attached to the heating system and collect the outdoor temperature, flow and return temperature data required for optimisation.

The actual optimisation and recalculation then takes place on the Smart Energy Cloud, a platform based on the data provided by the controller. The adjusted values are then sent back to the controller.

Sensors for the flow and return temperatures, which provide measurements to the controller, ensure that the heating system is operating under optimum conditions. The heating works as before, but follows the adjusted values of the optimisation, without the need to intervene in the heating system itself.