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Solutions for the housing industry

Our tenant electricity models, including intelligent metering concepts, ensure housing sector transparency with increased on-site PV and CHP electricity usage and simplified billing.

Interested in tenant electricity and metering concepts?

Tenant electricity can be defined as local generated electricity (ideally using renewable energies) sold directly to tenants. Assiociation with more attractive electricity supply enables owners and system operators to increase their property value, while tenants enjoy cheap, locally generated electricity.

Implementation of tenant electricity requires the individual and consumption-based billing of many parties. For this, you require a partner like enisyst, who is familiar with the current legal framework.

tenant electricity enisyst

Our system covers all areas of tenant electricity:

With our tenant electricity models, electricity can be generated on-site via CHP or PV system and consumed directly by tenants.
Intelligent control leads to a maximum use of tenants’ own electricity.
In combination with a holistic meter concept, billing data is automatically generated and sent directly.

Advantages of our intelligent tenant electricity concepts:

  • Efficient system operation leads to maximum use of own electricity

  • Intelligent and integrated metering concepts

  • Remote maintenance via web control technology for complete transparency and external system control/monitoring

  • Consumption-based energy cost billing via calibrated meter recording of all energy quantities

  • Open scope for networking of all new and old system components

  • Accessible, informative electricity data app for tenant use

Tenant electricity for your residential building – how it works:

Conception and planning

For tenant electricity concepts using CHP and PV systems, we prepare an individual profitability analysis that determines project costs and revenues, and accounts for currently applicable legal framework and remuneration rates. This is followed by consultation and planning of a bespoke energy concept including measurement and metering models.

Operation management and monitoring

Our modular system features an all-inclusive control technology, energy management and operation management system – and is available as a web app for easy remote access. User profiles are used to define depth of access for different user groups. Through forward-looking load and storage management, electricity generated is utilised optimally.


We coordinate the installation and commissioning of our intelligent measurement and control technology and implement the most appropriate meter concept. We prefabricate then install measurement and control units, including the control cabinet, with integration of charging stations as a further possibility.

Billing data

We support you in the development and implementation of your optimal metering concept, and can expand your concept to include heat and water meters for total billing. Our system collects and processes all billing-relevant data then makes it available in aggregated form. With our handy electricity app, tenants always have an overview of their energy consumption and costs.


Want to maximise your project’s use of PV and CHP electricity – and are maximum transparency and reliable operation vital considerations?
Get in touch with us today to secure the perfect solution for your project to excel.

Services for residential construction at a glance:

Consulting and concept

Profitability analysis, Meter concept, Tenant electricity model, New and existing systems

Networking of energy systems 

Automatic monitoring, Performance indicators, Remote access and remote maintenance, Analysis tools

Operation management system

Predictive control, Sector coupling (electricity, heat, mobility), SmartGrid connection

Big data management

Data connection, Data management, Data analysis, Reporting


Collection of operational and energy data, Data analysis, Generation of billing data


Charging stations, Cost-optimised distribution system, Dynamic charging management, Billing data

What makes our system special?

Full system control and linking

We achieve maximum efficiency by intelligently controlling and linking your entire system range. The leading flexibility of our system enables the effortless integration of any heat, power and cooling systems (CHP units, boilers, heat pumps, PV systems, chillers etc.) An optimally coordinated storage management system decouples generation and consumption to ensure maximum system-wide operational efficiency.

In addition to software implementation, we supply ready-made control cabinets including the system controller and all necessary control components. For less complex systems, our eni.lysers provide a smaller, space-saving yet just as powerful alternative.

Meter concepts for data generation and consumption recording

enisyst meter concept

We develop and implement intelligent, holistic metering concepts for balancing heat, cooling, electricity, water and fuel use. All energy quantities are recorded via calibrated meters and reliably available for energy cost billing. The recorded data can be conveniently read out or sent via internet.

Monitoring for tenants

Our tenant electricity app provides residents or building users with info and advice on individual energy consumption or charging status of their electric vehicles – so residents can confidently keep an eye on their energy costs. With features that compare consumption to other household averages, our system icentivises the reduction of a resident’s energy consumption. Additional features include useful information on refuse collection, events, weather forecasts and more.

E-mobility integration

Our systems enable integration and intelligent control of charging stations for electric vehicles in industrial, public and semi-public areas. Through intelligent load and charging management, available electricity is optimally distributed to all connected vehicles. This means several charging stations can be used simultaneously without overloading the power grid. In addition, our system ensures reliable data collection and the transparent structure necessary for clean energy billing.

How you benefit:

Maximised power share and self-sufficiency in tenant power properties. Electricity prices for tenants remain favourable in the long-term, with high returns for system operators.

Data management and availability via automatic billing data generation and transmission.

Overview of all energy flows, generation and consumption data via our transparent holistic system.

A single point of contact for I&C technology and data management.