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Energy management systems for industry

Secure a competitive advantage by intelligently networking company energy systems to minimise energy costs and boost operational efficiency.

Is your outdated control technology costing you?

Outdated or non-existent measurement, control and regulation technology results in high energy costs or even supply insecurity – which can can lead to energy system complaints, breakdowns and the loss of profits. A lack of monitoring system often results in serious problems detected too late.

Disadvantages of unmonitored systems:


Our MSR refurbishment offers the leading solution:

Through intelligent control and networking of your systems, we stabilise your company’s energy supply.
Optimally coordinated storage management decouples generation and consumption, ensuring efficient,
system-friendly operation for consistent quality and low energy costs.

Advantages of the intelligent networking of your plants:

  • Efficient system operation for reduced fuel and energy costs
  • Reduction of costly repairs, maintenance and malfunctions
  • Remote maintenance via our web control technology for complete transparency and external plant control/monitoring
  • Existing installations and systems (boilers, refrigeration, ventilation etc.) can remain in place
  • Seamless integration with or expansion of existing control systems (by Landis+Gyr, Siemens, Kieback&Peter etc.)

Transforming old to new – how our industry energy management system works

Status analysis and concept

We channel existing controls, field devices and measuring equipment into individual concepts that modernise I&C technology, providing complete packages that save you significant time and money.


Once existing switchgear is converted and modernised, we install current software with control algorithms. Our eni.web user interface provides remote system access and records all energy data, which provides the basis for the creation of actionable energy reports.

System integration

We connect new and existing systems (room control, ventilation, heating circuits etc.) via flexible interfaces. Modular expansion offers the possibility of integrating further generation, storage and consumption systems – as well as electric vehicle charging stations.

Instruction and remote maintenance

Once introduced to the operation of the interface, you will possess a comprehensive system control overview. In the event of any fault, our team can provide support via remote maintenance.


If you wish to renovate your plants and systems with the latest measurement and control technology,
our team will be delighted to advise you on the best solution for your unique needs.

Our services for industry and commerce at a glance:

Heating and ventilation refurbishment

Integration or networking of new and existing systems.

Operation management system

Predictive control, Sector coupling (electricity, heat, mobility), SmartGrid connection


Collection of operating and energy data, Data analysis, Generation of billing data

Networking of energy systems 

Automated monitoring, Performance indicators, Remote access and remote maintenance, Analysis tools

Big Data Management

Data connection, Data management, Data analysis, Reporting


Charging stations, Cost-optimised distribution system, Dynamic charging management, Billing data

Comprehensive system

In addition to software implementation, we supply complete control cabinets including system controllers and all necessary control components. For less complex systems, our eni.lysers provide a space-saving yet equally powerful alternative.


System monitoring

Our eni.web user interface ensures comprehensive monitoring, providing an operating state overview of all integrated systems and devices – plus recorded operating parameters including temperatures, pressures and volume flows.

Efficiency analysis and remote access

Web-based evaluation tools (line diagrams, scatterplots, clearly presented historical operating data etc.) enable detailed entire system analysis. Via remote access from any location, system errors and discrepancies can be uncovered rapidly and rectified efficiently.

How you benefit:

Easy and quick overview of all energy flows through a transparent, holistic system
Reduced energy costs from optimised, efficient operation of the entire system
Improved environmental balance for increased efficiency and CO2 savings

Greater operational flexibility with individually expandable solutions