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Increase self-consumption in buildings and neighbourhoods with electricity control

Networking and intelligently controlling energy systems: the basis for PV optimisation and optimised charging of electric vehicles as well as for the use of flexible electricity tariffs.


Optimise and increase the self-consumption of your PV system with the enisyst electricity control system.

Steadily decreasing feed-in tariffs reduce the profitability of new PV systems and incentivise the use of self-produced electricity on site. In order for these systems to work optimally and maximise self-consumption, the use of a higher-level control system is necessary.

Our intelligent electricity control system continuously monitors and controls the electricity consumption and generation of all systems in the building. This allows electricity consumption to be shifted to times when the sun is shining or when electricity is cheap. This increases the self-consumption rate throughout the building and reduces your energy costs.

Our system controls most consumers such as heat pumps, combined heat and power plants, water heating, battery storage, charging stations for electric vehicles and many more, regardless of the manufacturer. It is equally suitable for existing buildings and new builds. With our integrated operations management tool eni.web, you can also keep an eye on your systems remotely and intervene manually if necessary.

This saves you operating costs, reduces the amortisation time of your generation systems and also increases your independence from external electricity providers.