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Charging and load management with enisyst


Would you like to equip your parking spaces in underground car parks and multi-storey car parks with charging points? Make your property fit for the future with our load management.

Our complete solution for your property: from simple charging solutions to dynamic load management in underground car parks – our range is versatile

We specialise in the field of energy management control systems. We are now using this expertise to make products for e-mobility even better. Complex projects are our daily business. But we also try to make our products as simple as possible. With a charging infrastructure from enisyst, you are equipped for the new requirements of electromobility.

enisyst’s complete system at a glance:


Load management

Prevent grid overload and optimise charging: adapted to your individual requirements

software enisyst


Our proprietary software provides intelligent control of your charging points


Charging stations

Simplest installation and, thanks to Plug & Play, almost unlimited possibilities



Installation, acceptance and registration, billing and subsidy programmes provided

Configure your individual charging park

We help you with all questions regarding the installation of your charging infrastructure and create a concept tailored to your needs including load management, estimation of installation costs, commissioning of charging points and billing solutions:

Advantages of our system at a glance:

Setting up charging infrastructure in residential buildings? It’s easy with the enisyst system!


Our systems work with charging stations and wallboxes by all manufacturers, including setups featuring wallboxes by multiple manufacturers. Different makes can be combined within the system.

Effortless installation

Our pre-configured eni.hub distribution box ensures easy installation regardless of parking space positioning. It is also perfectly suited to support difficult-to-access parking spaces such as those in underground garages and multi-storey car parks.


Flexible and expandable

Even for setups with just one charging point, eni.hub is a valuable addition. Further wallboxes (of all manufacturer origins) can be added as required, and additional generation systems (e.g. PV) can be integrated similarly.

Holistic concepts for residential buildings, industry and municipalities

You decide how many charging points you want to start with: our system is worthwhile from the very first charging point. Later expansion of the system is possible at any time and can be carried out without major installation work. Would you like to get started right away and pre-equip all parking spaces for e-mobility? This is also no problem with the modular system from enisyst!

Various packages and expansion stages to choose from:



  • Easy and favourable start of the expansion with initially up to 5 wallboxes.
  • Static load management eni.control is included with all software functions.
  • No overload due to static load management.
  • Connection to the existing general meter or to the flat meters.
  • Up to 5 charging points
  • PV connection (optional)

Costs (incl. VAT)

  • per charging point (system): € 1,000 – € 1,800
  • per wallbox with connection kit and installation: € 1,900 – € 2,800



  • Expansion by up to 10 wallboxes.
  • Better utilisation of the house connection through dynamic load management.
  • Connection to the existing general meter or to the flat meter.
  • Up to 10 charging points
  • PV connection (optional)

Costs (incl. VAT)

  • per charging point (system): € 800 – € 1,600
  • per wallbox with connection kit and installation: € 1,900 – € 2,800



  • Flexible expandability of the system
  • Dynamic load management included.
  • Pre-installation and fully expandable up to the final expansion of all parking spaces with wallboxes.
  • Connection to additional or existing general meter.
  • From 5 charging points
  • PV connection (optional)
  • Well suited for larger systems

Costs (incl. VAT)

  • per charging point (system): € 1,000 – € 1.800
  • per wallbox with connection kit and installation: € 1,900 – € 2,800



  • Full expansion of the metering point for complete expansion of all parking spaces.
  • Dynamic load management included.
  • High flexibility thanks to various distribution systems.
  • Connection via additional converter meter.
  • Suitable for 6 or more charging points and for larger systems.
  • PV system (optional)

Costs (incl. VAT)

  • per charging point: € 800 – € 1,500
  • per wallbox with connection kit and installation: € 1,900 – € 2,800

Advice and support

Planning a project yet unsure which is the best enisyst solution for you? Our planning packages include the creation of concepts tailored to your unique needs, featuring everything you need to establish a future-proofed charging park. See our planning package for more details.

When is charging or load management best for wallboxes and charging stations?

The number of electric vehicles worldwide is increasing rapidly. Since the majority of current charging infrastructures are not prepared for high charging capacities, grid overloading problems can easily arise. This increases load peaks and results in far higher power costs.


What if everyone is charging at the same time?

Enisyst’s intelligent load management optimally distributes electricity for most efficient overall charging.

To avoid power supply risks, charging/load management is advisable for as few as two charging points. Discover more about our distinction between static and dynamic load management here:

The right product for every industry

We serve an incredibly versatile range of customers – to ensure we answer the most pressing needs of every industry with the perfect charging solution, we have created the following categories.

Wohnquartier, Quartierslösung, Steuerung

Housing industry

Supplying multi-family homes and residential quarters with charging points and load management.

E-Mobilität fuer Industrie


Create competitive advantages by expanding charging stations in company car parks.

Energiemanagement Kommunen und Gemeinden

Public utilities/municipalities

Economic solutions for cities and municipalities to address and support increasing electric vehicle numbers.

Our references in the field of e-mobility

Numerous customers from many industries are already convinced by our system. Get a brief overview here:

22 charging points in the underground car park of a residential complex in Stuttgart.

Integration of charging points in a car park of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall.

73 wallboxes for a homeowners’ association in Limburg/Lahn.

enisyst e-mobility FAQ

Why shouldn't I charge my electric car using a household socket?

Charging electric vehicles via standard household socket is possible but should be regarded as an emergency solution due to:

  • Not designed for continuous draw of 16 A
  • Reduced possible charging power (2.3 kW) significantly increases charge time
  • Danger of high continuous load causing overheating and cable fires

What are the advantages of a wallbox?

  • Offers the safety and convenience of a charging infrastructure individually tailored to the vehicle
  • Pre-integration of required protective devices (circuit breaker, FI switch if necessary)
  • Potential charging power of up to 22 kW AC
  • Monitoring and control of charging process adapted to the respective vehicle
  • Universally applicable (single-/multi-phase charging)
  • Future-proofing means wallbox optimises charging performance even when switching to larger battery capacity vehicles

When is charging management worthwhile?

Charging management is a vital consideration as soon as you install several charging columns or wallboxes at one location, or want to integrate additional generators such as a PV system or CHP unit.

With a dynamic charging load management system, you can:

  • Limit charging power
  • Prioritise individual charging stations/wallboxes
  • Avoid or reduce peak loads
  • Protect electrical installations and lines from overloading

What makes the enisyst system so special?

The complete enisyst system is a product of our many years of expertise in the field of control technology. Our core product is an electrical distributor with intelligent control for wallboxes and charging columns, which we sell via our specialist partner. However, our own wallboxes from a wide range of manufacturers can also be integrated into our system.

The manufacturer-independent design of our system goes further by enabling any electricity generator to be system-integrated e.g. electric vehicles can be charged with the solar power produced by your own PV system.

This provides unparalleled flexibility in terms of types of charging point and time of installation alike. With our system, your charging park is prepared for the e-mobility of tomorrow.

How does eni.hub billing work?

In any case, electricity consumption for charging vehicles is recorded via our system and made available to users as information via app.

To generate billing broken down by charging point, there are several options possible during installation:

  1. The charging stations are connected to the flat meter. Billing runs together with the respective flat’s other electricity consumption via its energy supplier. The electricity consumption for vehicle charging is recorded via our system and made available to users via an app. In this case, our eni.hub distributor is installed next to the electrical distributor and must be connected to each charging point via cable (wall breakthroughs, fire protection etc. make this a time- and cost-intensive effort).
  1. Our eni.hub distributor is installed in the underground car park, with just one power and network cable each laid from the house connection to the distributor or distributors (one distributor for up to eight charging points). The electricity consumption for charging vehicles is recorded via our system and made available to users via an app. Billing data is transferred to property management and billed via service charge statement. If this is not desired, billing can also be conducted by an external service provider (we can arrange this service, which costs around 40 € per year and charging point).

Of course, we would be happy to create an individual concept for your application.

Can users tell the system when loading should be completed?

Dwell time can be entered via our app, allowing the system to charge certain charging stations at priority or at optimal times (e.g. when electricity is cheapest or to avoid peak load times).




Do you need more information, have a question or are interested in our planning package?


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