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About us

enisyst GmbH

We develop intelligent solutions for energy management and the optimised control of complex energy systems. Our system offers comprehensive metering and monitoring for gas, water, electricity and heat as well as concrete optimisation strategies for heating, ventilation, compressed air and the operation of charging stations.

We sell these solutions as a complete system for individual buildings as well as for industry and neighbourhoods. Our solutions for tenant power properties and urban districts are also convincing with sophisticated concepts for control and operational management.

In a nutshell

With our solutions, we network energy systems intelligently. In doing so, we rely on artificial intelligence and self-learning systems. Through our optimised system control, we increase energy efficiency and achieve a high level of operational reliability. As a system integrator, we deliver economically attractive solutions from a single source.

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Our mission: efficient use of energy


We cultivate an appreciative way of dealing with each other.


We shape the future through innovative solutions.


Through efficiency we make an active contribution to climate protection.


We attach great importance to safe systems.


enisyst - Your energy intelligently linked

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We are pleased to announce that Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall has held a 24.9 % stake in enisyst since September 2018, alongside managing partners Dieter Ebinger and Dirk Pietruschka.

Within its network area, Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall reliably supplies its customers with electricity, natural gas, heat and water and also takes care of other municipal areas such as the operation of swimming pools or car parks. The municipal utility, which now employs around 500 people, attaches great importance to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

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Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall and enisyst are not only united by the common goal of making an active contribution to the energy transition. Both companies have extensive expertise in the areas of sustainable energy generation, energy saving and efficient technologies. Together they want to cooperate in the long term on various projects for the control and optimisation of energy generation and distribution systems. Among other things, practical implementation projects with local and area power grids in urban districts are planned. In addition, the topic of development work plays a major role. New solutions and innovative concepts to meet the requirements of the energy market and municipal utility customers are to be developed in close cooperation.

Who is Sherpa-X?


Why we do what we do:

Because we have energy in our blood! And we’ve been doing it from the very beginning. The group of companies has included the classic municipal utility – Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall GmbH – for over 50 years. For more than 20 years, we have made a nationwide name for ourselves in the field of energy services with SHERPA, and with SHERPA-X we are expanding our portfolio to include “Everything with Energy”.

  • SHERPA-X is a team of various specialists in the energy industry within the Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall GmbH group of companies.
  • Their common goal is to take on the challenges of the energy future and lead them to success for our customers.
  • In addition to enisyst GmbH, the team of hurdle clearers includes Somentec Software GmbH, KWA Contracting AG and Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

SHERPA-X supports the energy market with many products, services and software of all stages of the value chain:

  • Distribution & Service
  • Distribution & Billing
  • Transmission & Networks
  • Generation & Storage
  • Optimization

Together with you, SHERPA-X also discovers new ways in the energy industry jungle. Please contact us.