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Solutions for contractors

Whether you require operational management, plant, energy or heat contracting – enisyst ensures efficient plant function as a result of our clear operational management system.

Intelligent property management

The permanently efficient operation of many distributed facilities is essential for long-term economic success – yet monitoring linked facilities is extremely time-consuming and presents contractors with major challenges. Remote monitoring of all facilities is often not possible, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Our solutions for contractors:

enisyst’s web-based, modular, highly flexible control and monitoring system
guarantees that your plants not only operate with maximum efficiency
but are also permanently monitored.

Advantages of intelligent plant control and linking:

  • Efficient plant operation leads to significant reductions in fuel and energy cost
  • Remote maintenance via web control technology provides complete transparency and facilitates external plant control / monitoring
  • Seamless integration of heat, electricity and cooling generation systems e.g. CHP units, boilers, heat pumps, PV systems and chillers

  • Optimally coordinated storage management decouples generation and consumption, ensuring system-wide operational efficiency

MSR technology and web control technology as a complete package

Building and district development

In close collaboration with your team, we develop bespoke smart I&C and control technology concepts for your building or neighbourhood, support your development of the most appropriate energy system, and advise you on the optimal integration of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Operational management & monitoring

Our modular system features an all-in-one control technology, energy management and operational management system, presented as a web application for easy remote access. User profiles can be used to define depth of access across all user groups.

App as an information system

Our app provides residents and building users with information and recommendations regarding individual energy consumption and charging status of their electric vehicles. Additional features include useful info on waste collection, events and weather forecasts.

Sub-metering & tenant electricity

Our system collects and processes all billing-relevant data then makes it available in aggregated form. When implementing tenant electricity, we support you in developing and implementing the optimal metering concept.


Elevate your facility efficiency and enjoy a detailed overview of your properties.
We would be delighted to advise you on the optimal solution for your unique contractor needs.

Services for contractors at a glance:

Advice on optimal control 

Optimised control strategies,
meter concept, networking of new and existing systems

Networking of energy systems 

Automated monitoring, performance indicators, remote access, remote maintenance, analysis tools

Predictive control,
overview of plant portfolio, 
sector coupling

Big Data Management

Data connection, data management, data analysis, reporting

Collection of operating and energy data, data analysis, web control technology, billing data


Charging stations, cost-optimised distribution system, dynamic charging management, billing data

Tenant electricity models & energy sales

The direct sale of locally generated electricity from property-based PV and CHP units is a worthwhile extension of the contracting business model. Here, enisyst offers an intelligent overall solution from meter concept through to automated data collection and billing.

The continuous fall of feed-in tariffs for PV system and CHP unit electricity are straining the profitability of these systems. At the same time, electricity prices continue to rise due to surcharges and taxes.

The clear solution is to use the electricity yourself or make it available to tenants at a low cost, significantly increasing the profitability of your investment.

Our tenant electricity models for contractors

With our tenant electricity models, electricity can be generated onsite by a CHP or PV system then consumed directly by tenants. In addition to the meter concept, enisyst’s comprehensive solution includes metering point operation, meter data collection and automated billing data generation (billing service provided by our specialist partners).

Analysis of the economic viability of tenant electricity concepts

We prepare an individual profitability analysis for tenant electricity concepts using CHP and PV systems, based on an annual simulation of energy supply and consumption that considers all energy flows are considered throughout the year. Taking currently applicable legal framework conditions and remuneration rates into account, project costs and revenues can then be determined.

In a detailed report, energy balances and the most important economic key figures are presented graphically and as text. For the tenant electricity provider, the report supports the economic assessment of his tenant electricity concept.

How you benefit:

Optimised intelligent control increases overall system efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs.

A clear system overview of all energy flows as well as generation and consumption data.

A central system bundle increases your visibility over the status of your properties.