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Smart buildings and districts

enisyst’s intelligent load and storage management empowers you to control the heating, cooling and power generators of smart buildings and districts as you make them fit for future.

Cross-sector energy management in buildings and neighbourhoods

The efficient, sustainable energy supply of buildings and neighbourhoods is a central future task. Transport sector shifts to electromobility pose major challenges that municipal utilities, planners, local authorities and property owners must face when planning and designing housing estates. Other key offerings include connection to the SmartGrid and virtual power plants, and provision of digital billing.

Our solution:

enisyst’s holistic energy management system networks and centrally controls all energy systems,
integrating e-mobility load management as well as tenant electricity concepts at building and district levels.

One solution, endless applications:

  • Residential buildings and housing estates

  • Neighbourhoods (local heating and area power grids)

  • Commercial and industrial buildings and properties

  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Advantages of our district control system:

  • Cost-effectiveness via maximum efficiency

  • Individually-tailored concept

  • Web-based operational management tool for location-independent analysis and remote maintenance

  • Neighbourhood app provides flexible data resource for residents and users alike

Our complete system combines MSR technology and operational management:

Building and neighbourhood development

We work closely with you to design the smart I&C and control technology concept for your building or neighbourhood, provide development support of the appropriate energy system, and advise on the optimal integration of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Operational management and monitoring

Our modular system encompasses a control technology, energy management and operational management system. It can be accessed remotely via web app, and user profile data can define depth of access for all user groups.

App as an information system

Our app provides residents and building users with information and recommendations on individual energy consumption and the charging status of their electric vehicles. Additional app features include (but are not limited to) information on waste collection, events and weather forecasts.

Sub-metering and tenant electricity

Our system collects and processes all billing-relevant data then presents it in aggregated form. When implementing tenant electricity, we support the development and implementation of your optimal metering concept.


If you aim for your energy system to feature maximum efficiency and transparency, our team would be delighted
to provide you with a bespoke offer to meet your unique needs.

Our services for buildings and neighbourhoods at a glance:

Advice on optimal control

MSR concept optimisation, Enhanced control strategies, Hydraulic concept analysis, Charging infrastructure optimisation

Operation management system

Predictive control, Sector coupling (electricity, heat, mobility), SmartGrid connection


Operating and energy data collection of operating and energy data, Data analysis, Billing data generation

Networking of energy systems 

Automated monitoring, Performance indicators, Remote access and maintenance, Comprehensive analysis tools

Big Data Management

Data connection, Data management, Data analysis, Reporting


Charging stations, Cost-optimised distribution system, Dynamic charging management, Billing data

Own and tenant electricity models – increase own consumption and save costs

Thermal and electrical storage systems – in combination with CHP units, heat pumps, chillers and electric vehicle charging stations – offer great potential for targeted load shifting. This potential is cultivated by enisyst’s intelligent, predictive control to increase local self-supply proportion from 25% to over 70%, significantly increasing your systems’ profitability.

It’s worth it – our tenant electricity models

Electricity can be generated locally by a CHP or PV system then consumed directly by tenants. Intelligent control ensures power is not over-used and, combined with a holistic meter concept, billing data is automatically generated and sent to the tenant.

Analysis of economic viability of tenant electricity concepts

Using CHP or PV systems, we prepare individual profitability analyses for tenant electricity concepts – based on simulations of annual energy supply and consumption that take every energy flow into consideration.

This determnines project cost and revenues while considering currently applicable legal frameworks and remuneration rates. A detailed report with energy balances and key economic figures presented in text and graphically provides tenant electricity providers with valuable information to assess the economic viability of their concept.

Advantages at a glance

  • Maximum own use of PV and CHP electricity
  • Maximum transparency and operation reliability
  • Single-source measurement technology, control and automated billing

How you benefit:

Save costs with intelligent control of generators and consumers that factor in weather forecasts.

smart grid enisyst

Connect to SmartGrid and virtual power plants to regulate fluctuating energy supply.

Increase degree of self-sufficiency and improve the economic efficiency of your entire system.

Full integration of suitable tenant electricity models and mobility concepts.

Energy supply in smart buildings and districts

With enisyst’s energy management solutions, you benefit from years of experience in automation and control technology.
Our 180+ successfully implemented projects speak for themselves, including:

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Data protection
enisyst GmbH, Owner: Dieter Ebinger, Dr. Dirk Pietruschka (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal data with external services. This is not necessary for using the website, but allows me to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: