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Increase energy efficiency and save costs with our digital energy caretaker

The smart energy centre

With the monitoring tools from enisyst, you can make your buildings and properties fit for the future and face energy price increases with peace of mind.

Reduce energy costs in the long term and increase energy efficiency: from monitoring to intelligent control of your systems

Reduce energy costs through automated monitoring of energy flows alone? We show you how you can sustainably save between 15 and 20 percent of your energy costs with our intelligent monitoring.

Our highlights:

  • Overview of your energy consumption
  • Reduce energy costs quickly and permanently
  • Low investment costs
  • Create energy awareness
  • Control tools for heat and electricity to further increase efficiency
  • Start towards CO₂ neutrality

Our services at a glance


Energy monitoring

With comprehensive energy monitoring with software support, you have an overview of all energy flows in your building. This opens up new possibilities for optimising your plant and building technology.


Measurement concept

With an intelligent measurement concept and the intuitive user interface eni.web, energy data is recorded and graphically processed. This helps to always know exactly how much energy is being consumed and to uncover potential savings.

software enisyst


With our retrofittable control solutions, you create the basis for savings in energy consumption in your buildings through automation.

Challenges for municipalities and businesses


Rising energy prices and poorly adjusted technical building systems pose great challenges for municipalities, companies and those responsible for housing construction. In the long term, they endanger the competitiveness of companies and lead to a heavy financial burden on the municipal budgets of cities and communities.

Currently, the operation of heating systems is rarely monitored and malfunctions or incorrect settings of heating systems are therefore not quickly detected. They often operate inefficiently over a longer period of time, which can result in higher operating and service costs.

Moreover, optimisation of the operation of heating systems for more energy efficiency (for example, adjustment of the characteristic curve or the flow temperature) is usually not carried out for various reasons. Those responsible often lack the detailed technical knowledge that is necessary, for example, for adjusting systems (boilers, pumps, distribution, valves, etc.). New adjustments can result in a loss of comfort for the users.

A sensible and user-friendly adjustment of the heating system can save between 10 and 25 percent energy – and without a large investment.



With our Smart.Energy.Cloud all data collected in one place

Our smart control tools network all types of energy systems. The Smart Energy Cloud serves as an extension of our innovative local control system.

Our approach to more energy efficiency

Our step-by-step approach underlines the holistic concept:

1. Inventory

  • Analysis of the property and the energy consumers (subsidised consultation)
  • Identification of possible measures

2. Monitoring

  • Establishment of a monitoring system to record the energy flows
    (sensors, energy meters for electricity and heat, etc.)
  • Development of a database
  • Data analysis and evaluation with regard to possible optimisation

3. Optimised control

  • New optimised control of individual supply and power generation plants
  • Expansion of measurement technology

4. Expansion to the BMS system

  • Extension and completion of the measurement data acquisition
  • Expansion of the control and monitoring functions

5. Energy management

  • Extension to the energy management system
  • Automated analysis and preparation of data with the help of characteristic values

6. Intelligent control

  • Optimised control of interconnected heating, cooling and power generation systems
  • Integration of storage systems into a forecast-based optimised load and storage management system

Would you like to make your buildings fit for the future?

We can support you in all matters relating to energy saving and energy efficiency. We will be happy to create a concept tailored to your needs, including recommendations for action, costs, payback periods and risk minimisation:

Holistic concepts for industry and municipalities

We accompany you from the individual concept creation and monitoring of your systems to the implementation in your building.

Energiemanagement Kommunen und Gemeinden

Municipal properties

Take a relaxed approach to rising energy prices with a heating and ventilation renovation.

E-Mobilität fuer Industrie


Create competitive advantages through optimised plant control and energy cost savings.

Wohnquartier, Quartierslösung, Steuerung

Housing industry

Avoiding peak loads and integrating the increasing number of electric vehicles in residential buildings.

The technical details of our system

Powerful WEB-based tools

for remote maintenance and monitoring of distributed systems with secure user access and authorisation management.

Organisation of data collection

with the help of simulation-based and AI-supported optimisation tools.

Weather and power price forecasts

through thermal and electrical storage systems and e-cars for predictive control.

Maximising self-sufficiency

from local sustainable energy sources, reduces peak loads, minimises electricity costs and provides flexibility for the electricity grid.

Power transfer

from renewable energy sources between different locations.

Linking properties

across a city, country or continent and is scalable to entire neighbourhoods.

Integration of smart city sensors

and APP-based interfaces to inform, engage and involve users.

FAQs energy efficiency and energy management from enisyst

Who is our digital energy caretaker suitable for?

Our customers include public utilities, contractors, energy supply companies and energy system operators of industrial, commercial, municipal and residential buildings as well as properties up to urban districts.

What are the challenges our customers face?

  • Energy and HVAC systems in more than one building, typically properties or neighbourhoods with heat grids and local heating networks and/or several of these locations, are to be operated across a city or country.
  • Systems are to be operated with the least possible effort and the greatest possible self-sufficiency through the generation of renewable energy on site.
  • Surplus electricity shall be exchanged between the sites.
  • Charging infrastructure for electric cars is to be integrated in existing buildings, which will bring additional peak loads and higher demand for energy.
  • Due to staff shortages, powerful remote maintenance and automated system monitoring tools with sophisticated analysis functions are needed for rapid fault detection and rectification.

The digital energy caretaker from enisyst takes over these tasks for you and helps you to master the upcoming challenges in the context of the energy transition.

How does the digital energy caretaker work?

With our digital energy caretaker, you have access to the daily consumption values of your distributed properties or company locations at any time and from anywhere. All your energy data and consumption are displayed in detail and clearly in our eni.web user interface – even across countries. Our monitoring tool quickly detects potential savings or defects. An alarm function warns you when important limit values are exceeded.

Our digital energy caretaker supports you in optimising your technical building systems. Our system consists of sensors (e.g. for temperature, flow or speed measurement), actuators (e.g. controllable valves or flow limiters) and software. All components are connected to the heating control system and external platforms via interfaces. The systems can be used for analysis (for example, deviation and pattern recognition) as well as for continuous monitoring and system control.

What are the advantages of the digital energy caretaker?

  • All energy systems under control: electricity, heat, gas and water
  • Analysis and regular monitoring of central operating and consumption parameters of heating systems
  • Creating transparency of heating energy consumption in buildings
  • Detect and eliminate errors and inefficiencies in the operation of the systems
  • Identify system failures and malfunctions more quickly
  • Save 15 to 20 percent on energy costs
  • Reduce consumption through limit value definition and alarm function
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Data protection
enisyst GmbH, Owner: Dieter Ebinger, Dr. Dirk Pietruschka (Registered business address: Germany), would like to process personal data with external services. This is not necessary for using the website, but allows me to interact even more closely with them. If desired, please make a choice: