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eni.web – location-independent monitoring

No matter your location, our eni.web user interface provides an efficient overview of all systems and devices.


Whether at home, in the office or on the road, our eni.web user interface provides a quick system overview including all operating states and essential parameters. Systems and devices can be conveniently monitored and remotely controlled via tablet or smartphone. An interactive interface features automated error detection and forwarding plus maximum data security to maintain user rights.

Your benefit:


Clear display

Plant diagrams provide a clear representation of the system. Operating parameters including temperature, pressure, flow rate and system stats support rapid, comprehensive overviews of current system status.


Efficiency analysis

With the help of analysis tools, recorded historical data can be evaluated quickly and easily. Line diagrams, scatter and carpet plots show correlations and enable well-founded statements regarding system efficiency.


Setting system states

Various system states and temperatures can, via intuitively operated time switches, be set according to day and season. Different operating modes ensure that operation is adapted to respective requirements optimally.


Remote maintenance and operation

Our web interface allows easy remote system access. Overall systems and their individual devices can be controlled easily and reliably in manual operation mode via tablet or smartphone.

How you benefit:


System visualisation with online operating data and error display.


Simple calendar function to set system statuses by year, month or day.


Clear dynamic graphics with automatic determination of key figures.


Scatter and carpet plots for quick diagnosis.