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enisyst controls heat pump with CO2 as coolant

The Wolfschlugen-based company BKW is on the way to CO2 neutrality



Thanks to the energy management system from enisyst, the company building of the cooling system manufacturer BKW is almost CO2-neutral. Among other things, the CO2-powered heat pump manufactured in-house by the company contributes to this. This combines heating and cooling in a single unit and uses CO2 as a natural operating medium, which is significantly less harmful to the climate and the environment than conventional coolants. In combination with self-produced electricity from two PV systems and a combined heat and power plant, only a very small amount of fossil fuels is required for heating and air conditioning the building.

In order to operate the system efficiently and economically, the control system from enisyst is used. Here, the data of all producers and consumers are collected and evaluated. With the help of artificial intelligence, faulty operating states can be automatically detected so that maintenance can be carried out in advance. To this end, simulations are created and evaluated as part of a research project with Reutlingen University. Thanks to enisyst’s web-based control technology with integrated operational management and analysis tools, access to the plant and evaluation of the data can be carried out conveniently from a distance.

The goal is to reduce the building’s CO2 emissions caused by heating and air conditioning by a factor of 20.


  • company building
  • 2 PV systems and 1 CHP

Enisyst services:

  • Control of the energy center
  • Web control system
  • Operation management and analysis tool