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enisyst couples individual room control with the hotel booking system:

Holiday Inn Express in Sindelfingen


Provide rooms with a pleasant climate, automatically and before guests arrive. Thanks to enisyst’s intelligent control system, Holiday Inn Express Sindelfingen can now achieve this.

The complete energy management system from enisyst includes two heat pumps for heating and cooling the building, a chiller, storage tank and individual room ventilation for 158 rooms. The setup includes fault management, which automatically sends fault reports direct to partnered technicians.

If the hotel wishes, it can retrofit the system with charging stations (including load management for electric vehicles) in the future.

Further hotel projects with the Holiday Inn Express company are in the planning/realisation stages.


  • Planning, implementation and commissioning of the MSR system
  • WEB control technology for optimal operational management and easy remote maintenance
  • Hotline maintenance of the MSR system


  • Control of all linked heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Individual room control for 158 rooms (including coupling to the hotel’s own booking system)
  • Error and fault message management