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Renewable energies for new production centre at MEFA, Kupferzell

The MEFA company develops, produces and sells fastening and assembly systems for sanitary, heating, air conditioning and ventilation technologies – as well as plant engineering. In 2017, MEFA constructed a new site in Kupferzell, spanning 12,000 m² of production and storage halls and 1,000 m² of offices.


  • Planning
  • Realisation
  • Control


  • Heat recovery from air compressors, production and ice storage

  • Active server and machine cooling

  • Provision of hardware and software

  • Intelligent holistic control of entire system network


enisyst controls the site’s innovative heating and cooling system using intelligently coordinated components. This system renders the production centre completely free from reliance upon fossil fuels.

We also support and analyse MEFA GmbH’s test system for its own absorber plates, ice storage heat exchangers and heating elements. The system provides a prototype reference for future customer systems as part of the MEFA Energy Systems concept.

Various areas of application for MEFA’s absorber plates.