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High savings in oil consumption by Nidec Graessner GmbH & Co.KG, Dettenhausen

Nidec Graessner, a Dettenhausen-based entity, is a mechanical engineering company that develops and manufactures gearbox solutions. High heating costs and a poor indoor climate were the company’s deciding factors in reaching out to enisyst.



  • Plant engineering
  • Planning and realisation


  • Switch cabinet with controller and 8 submeters -> individual control of the boilers

  • Comprehensive heater fan control

  • Several compressed air shut-off valves

  • Additional storage tank for compressed air heat recovery


Area-dependent measuring points of the production hall and associated design office were determined and recorded via measuring concept, enabling main consumers to be identified and potential savings to be defined. With the energy concept freshly drawn up, potential savings of around 50% could already be predicted.

Eight sub-meters were installed for the precise, long-term recording of all relevant electricity consumption. The heating basement was redesigned and controlled by installing enisyst. Through control of individual boilers and optimal setting of associated heating circuits, significant energy savings were immediate.

Due simply to intelligent, efficient heating syste control, oil consumption reduction of well over 50% was achieved.