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Energy monitoring for Parker Hannifin

Comprehensive energy monitoring for a large production site

At its Pleidelsheim site, the Parker Hannifin company produces seals. As such, numerous presses and annealing furnaces generate incredible amounts of heat within the production hall. 
The site features office space to accommodate for 250 people, with the site’s high overall power consumption handled by five large transformers.



  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Control


  • Control of the heating system

  • Rod heating of a hot water buffer tank enables heating system to be switched off during summer

  • Comprehensive energy monitoring

  • Detailed recording and control of all linked cooling and ventilation systems


Comprehensive energy monitoring by enisyst revealed high transformer losses due to low utilisation. With our new control system in place, Parker Hannifin reduced the Pleidelsheim site’s gas consumption by 40%, and lowered electricity consumption in building cooling and ventilation by 30%.