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Space-saving energy monitoring

The eni.lyser control box empowers you to integrate an energy management system into your existing systems – no matter how space-limited you may be.

The eni.lyser control box is the miniaturised alternative to our eni.control control cabinet. This compact control box contains every necessary function for simpler monitoring tasks. Less complex control systems require lesser connected components, so we have designed the perfect control box to accommodate these smaller systems.

Often, the small control box provides an entry point into an efficient monitoring and control system. Initial monitoring helps uncover weaknesses and maximise potential, forming the basis for an effective energy management system.

Modularity and expandability

Due to its small size, the eni.lyser control box can be installed in space-saving situations within existing systems or narrow boiler rooms. Due to its modularity, expansion is possible at any time. The flexible extension of the eni.lyser control box means a comprehensive monitoring, control or operation management system can easily be built upon its foundations.

Complete package

Just like standard enisyst control cabinets, the eni.lyser compact control box is delivered 100% ready-to-use. Each complete package features a controller, eni.core system, and all necessary input/output modules. With full internet connectivity, eni.lyser boxes can be conviently and remotely accessed via the eni.web interface.

Our compact control box in use

The highly adaptable, compact design of the eni.lyser control box makes it the perfect choice when working with confined spaces. Every eni.lyser box is professionally installed by us with all required functions pre-integrated and ready for use.