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Cross-sector energy management in the neighborhood

enisyst controls energy center in the Kokoni One flagship district in Berlin



A climate-neutral showcase district is currently being built in Berlin. The construction of a total of 32 semi-detached and terraced houses with a total of 84 residential units in the Kokoni One district in Berlin is currently in full swing and is scheduled for completion in 2024. The energy concept envisages a fossil-free energy supply for all buildings using geothermal and solar energy.

The installed low-temperature local heating network with a heat pump center supplies the individual buildings with locally generated, renewable energy. Enisyst is responsible for the optimal control and monitoring of the system so that optimum operation is guaranteed at all times of the year.

In summer, the energy flows in the energy system can be reversed to cool the buildings so that cool water from the geothermal probes flows through the heating network. Excess heat can be extracted from the indoor air in the buildings via the underfloor heating system and this heat can then be made available to the geothermal probes, which have cooled down over the winter, for regeneration. In addition, Kokoni One also stores heat from the ambient air in the geothermal probes via a large air heat exchanger in summer when temperatures are high, which can then be used to heat the buildings in the cooler months of the year.

Thanks to predictive control, the annual temperature fluctuations can be better coordinated with the regeneration of the soil in the area of the geothermal probes. In future, self-learning AI methods will also be used to optimize control of the complex interrelationships.

In addition to geothermal energy, photovoltaic electricity is also generated on the roof areas of Kokoni One. The surplus solar power flows from the buildings into the district’s own electricity grid and is primarily used for the heat supply to operate the heat pumps and the grid and geothermal pumps as well as for the fans of the air heat exchanger. Other consumers include the planned up to 130 charging points for electric vehicles, which are to be integrated into the district’s intelligent load management system in future.

The enisyst system is rounded off by its own web-based operations management tool for remote analysis and maintenance. This means that the monitoring of energy flows, fault detection, billing and optimization are bundled and made available in one place.

Enisyst services:

  • Control and monitoring of the central heating systems and the low-temperature network
  • Source control for geothermal probe field + air heat exchanger
  • Dynamic charging load management of 130 charging points for electric vehicles
  • Neighborhood control technology


  • 32 semi-detached and terraced houses
  • Low-temperature heating network with central heat pump
  • 2 brine-water heat pumps
  • 68 geothermal probes
  • Recooler: 200 kW
  • Lukewarm local heating network
  • Roof-integrated PV system with 320 kWp
Energie-Monitoring-Kokoni One

Holistic system:

Control technology, energy management and operations management system in one and available as a web application from anywhere.