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Supporting energy transformation – enisyst controls energy producers and consumers in the Olga area

Olga-Areal to the west of Stuttgart

On the site of a former hospital, an urban residential quarter featuring a day-care centre, supermarket and total of 224 flats is being constructed. The quarter’s innovative energy concept includes a decentralised energy supply with nine photovoltaic systems and a local combined heating and power network (K-W-K).



  • Planning
  • Monitoring with remote monitoring and fault reporting
  • Control system


  • Control of the entire heating system
  • Meter concept and electricity monitoring
  • Control of the district heating network


enisyst provides total control of the quarter’s heating centre with innovative, web-based remote monitoring. In addition to operation of the self-power-optimised CHP setup, enisyst monitors all linked transfer stations and records consumption data for long-term performance refinement.