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Cold local heating network in Bad Nauheim supplies 400 residential units

In the “cold local heating” project in Bad Nauheim, a new development area covering 160,000 m² with 400 residential units and a total heat requirement of 3 GWh is being brought to life with the innovative “cold local heating” heat supply system.

A total of 180 decentralized heat pumps are used to supply heat and hot water. A two-layer large collector with 22,000 m² collector surface in connection with a six-kilometer-long cold local heating network (KNW) is to supply the residential units.



  • Control of the central network pumps
  • Control of the collector circuit
  • Mains pressure monitoring
  • Central collection and provision of monitoring data


  • 400 residential units with a total heat demand of 3 GWh
  • 180 decentralized heat pumps
Picture: Bad Nauheim


In the participating research project, enisyst is responsible for the detailed monitoring as well as for the control of the heating network and the distributed heat pumps. Via a cloud-based control technology, enisyst also provides an operations management and data exchange platform for the partners involved in the research project. Together with them, enisyst is developing interfaces for power grid-optimized control of the distributed systems.

Video by Public Utilities Bad Nauheim