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Intelligent Load and Charge Management

Would you like to equip your car park or parking spaces in underground car parks and multi-storey car parks with charging stations? enisyst’s charge management makes sure your car charging infrastructure is fit for the future.


When does charge management for e-charging stations make sense?

The number of electric vehicles is increasing. Since the majority of the charging infrastructure in buildings are not prepared for higher charging capacities, grid overloading problems can arise, causing increased load peaks and higher electricity costs.


We offer you the right solution:

Intelligent load management distributes electricity optimally.

Advantages of our intelligent load and charging management:

  • Limitation of charging power and prioritisation of charging stations
  • Avoidance or reduction of load peaks
  • Prevention of overloading electrical installations and lines

Static and Dynamic Load Management compared

Static Load Management

static load management

Dynamic Load Management

dynamic load management
The energy supplier determines a maximum free power reserve from the measured connected load of the building and dimensioning of the house connection. This maximum load may not be exceeded, with all charging points throttled to this level.
The power drawn at the house connection is permanently measured and a dynamic load management regulates charging power according to the currently available power reserve. The available total charging power is adapted to the building’s current electricity consumption. If building power consumption decreases, more power for charging electric vehicles is released.

Prioritise charging points or regulate charging power? With our load and charge management system, it’s all possible.



Everything from a single source:


Hardware and commissioning provision

We advise you on selecting the most suitable charging station and handle your entire ordering process. We ensure the charging station is delivered safely and successfully, saving you from time spent comparing models and overseeing orders.


Data management and billing data

Our data management generates and stores your billing data, allowing you to maintain an overview of charging processes and electricity flows. If desired, we can also generate and process data for billing processes.


Monitoring and network analysis

We set up interfaces for communication with the grid operator, configure the charging station and connect it to our system. You will receive a user account with remote access for the eni.web interface, which you can use for comprehensive data analysis and remote maintenance in the event of any fault.


Legal issues and subsidies

Due to their comparatively high electrical connected load, charging stations must be registered with the grid operator. We support you in addressing all legal questions and subsidies, saving you significant time and money.

Metering and charging concepts

There are various options to consider when creating an individual metering and billing concept for your application.
We are more than happy to provide no-obligation advice on all such matters.

Advantages of eni.charge distribution system:

Intelligent charging

Dynamic metering and charging concepts prevent overloading of the grid connection.

Flexible extensions

Additional charging stations can be added and integrated as required. Possibility for additional integration of PV and CHP vehicle charging systems using locally generated electricity


Free choice of charging stations or wallboxes (wallboxes of different manufacturers can be combined)


Secure systems and reliable operation as a result of system monitoring and notification functionality


Avoidance of expensive load peaks and high electricity cost periods provides significant cost-saving

Interested in our charge and load management? 

If you are planning to integrate a charging station system into a smart neighbourhood,
are responsible for a municipal e-mobility expansion,
or would like to upgrade your car park for the future, get in touch now.

How you benefit:


We advise according to your individual situation and ensure you choose the best charging station for your needs.


Let us do the hard work, including the generation and processing of billing data.

Retain a full overview of charging processes and power flows.
Enjoy flexible integration of additional charging stations or other energy systems.

Our Portfolio

Our intelligent load and charging management solutions have potentially endless applications. Our system enables implementation of cross-sector solutions including:

enisyst e-mobility FAQ

Why shouldn't I charge my electric car using a household socket?

Charging electric vehicles via standard household socket is possible but should be regarded as an emergency solution due to: 

  • Not designed for continuous draw of 16 A
  • Reduced possible charging power (2.3 kW) significantly increases charge time
  • Danger of high continuous load causing overheating and cable fires

What are the advantages of a wallbox?

  • Offers the safety and convenience of a charging infrastructure individually tailored to the vehicle
  • Pre-integration of required protective devices (circuit breaker, FI switch if necessary)
  • Potential charging power of up to 22 kW AC
  • Monitoring and control of charging process adapted to the respective vehicle
  • Universally applicable (single-/multi-phase charging)
  • Future-proofing means wallbox optimises charging performance even when switching to larger battery capacity vehicles

When is charging management worthwhile?

Charging management is a vital consideration as soon as you install several charging columns or wallboxes at one location, or want to integrate additional generators such as a PV system or CHP unit.

With a dynamic charging load management system, you can: 

  • Limit charging power
  • Prioritise individual charging stations/wallboxes
  • Avoid or reduce peak loads
  • Protect electrical installations and lines from overloading