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The heart of the energy management system

The eni.core central controller handles the data processing and overview of all individual system components, with a modular system design that enables effortless retrofitting into existing systems.

To maintain enisyst’s manufacturer-independent approach, our software is designed for easy implementation into any Linux system. We currently use a PHYTEC-supplied controller as standard.

Interfaces and protocols

eni.core communicates with a majority of input/output modules via standard CANopen bus. Throughout many years, CANopen has established and proven itself as a protocol within the fields of automotive control and industrial automation.

To enable integration into the widest possible variety of systems, our components support all common, market-available interfaces and protocols (e.g. Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, Mbus, Dbus, CANbus, LMN, LoRaWAN).

Internet connection and protocols

All enisyst controllers feature full Internet connectivity, making it possible for their respective systems to be remotely accessed via eni.web, our web-based operational management interface. eni.web is implemented as standard to handle all system data and save it on a central server. Data sources include the eni.core controller and respective input/output modules (installed in our control cabinet, eni.control or smaller control unit, eni.lyser).

Due to our modular system design and interoperability, the eni.core controller can for majority of existing systems be effortlessly retrofitted.