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Sophisticated software for energy management

eni.os is a self-developed software that intelligently controls all systems, manages all measurement data and operating parameters, and makes them effortlessly available.


Like every enisyst product, eni.os is characterised by a focus upon high-quality, standardised technology. The origin of our basic software lies in industrial and automation technology, and we have channelled advanced, proven control approaches from this technology to our energy and building sector products like eni.os.

The intelligent control of complex energy generation and distribution systems remains a relatively young field – with our years of experience and field-tested algorithms, our eni.os software presents the sector’s highest degree of reliability and safety.

Our control software’s central advantages include modularity for rapid adaptability and interoperability with third-party and existing systems. Thanks to our in-house development, we can continually evolve and expand eni.os, integrating new adaptations and functions swiftly and efficiently.

Advantages of eni.os at a glance:

Low maintenance

To ensure optimal interaction between hardware and software, we deliver our software on our eni.core controller as standard. The controller uses a Linux operating system, selected for its defining security, robustness and ease of maintenace.

Flexible and modular

Due to the modular structure of eni.os software, new applications or current system extensions can be easily added to eni.os as extra system modules. New electricity market requirements and customer demands can be added with similar simplicity and efficiency.



The programming, adaptation and continuous further development of our software is conducted 100% in-house by qualified enisyst software developers.



The basic eni.os software is written in the C programming language. Extensions can be added flexibly as modules to the basic software, with such process being complete using languages like Javascript or Python.


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